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Interior weeping tile installation is a highly cost-effective solution that keeps your basement cozy and dry. Many people choose it because it involves only very light work, and can be achieved on a humble budget. No excavation is required, as is usually the case with exterior weeping tiles.


Interior weeping tiles are also known as internal perimeter drain systems. They manage water that is finding is way into your home via walls, gaps and cracks, or up through floor slabs.


We will remove stud walls, and dig a small trench around the perimeter of the building. Then we can install the piping in the ditch. We drill weeping holes in the bottom of the concrete of the walls so that water can drain out of them and into the system.

The drainage is often connected to an underfloor sump pump and discharge pipe. Everything can be concealed under the floor and behind walls, so your basement remains aesthetically pleasing.


Both the interior and exterior solutions have their drawbacks and benefits, but both aspire to achieve the same results, which is to keep water out of your basement, stop damage to your foundations, and give you a more pleasant home. Benefits of weeping tile installation include:



  • Can be a very cost-effective solution, especially interior weeping tiles.

  • Keeps water directed away from your home for life.

  • Sits on your basement floor, or buried around the outside perimeter, and so does not look out of place.

  • Relieves hydrostatic pressure, and increases the life expectancy of foundations.

  • Increases the value of your home.

  • Gives you a nice basement that is free from wet, damp, and mould.


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