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Sump Pumps keep your basement dry in extreme conditions and power outages. The Basement Guy Waterproofing recommends and installs only the best sump pump systems to keeps your basement dry with ultimate protection.


Most sump pumps fail because of either a failed pump, a pump that can't handle high volumes of water or power failure. Our sump pumps assure protection from all three sump pump problems.


When choosing a sump pump system for your home, there are several features to consider. Does your sump pump basement systems include an alarm, watertight cover and check valve? 


Our basement waterproofing system includes a sump pump which is installed with a perimeter drainage system to expel water collections. The Basement Guy Waterproofing offers top of the line sump pump systems in your basement or crawl space. Our products are the most reliable in the Atlantic Canadian market and are used by most homeowners to keep basements dry. Our company has trained installers on staff, along with Annual Maintenance Programs and a Service Department that helps keep these pumps running at optimal performance levels all year long and far into the future.  



Sump Pump Services & Products:



Much like you would want professional and accredited dentist or physician, you will also want licensed contractors in your basement installing waterproofing solutions. Not only do we efficiently install sump pumps but we also offer maintenance programs to keep your sump pump in good working order and your basement dry!


If wet or leaky basements is affecting your home, contact one of our basement experts today! 

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