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Waterproofing the exterior foundation walls of your home will give your investment a structurally sound foundation! Sometimes belongings can be ruined by leaky basements where too much moisture buildup damages property and leads to mold infestation.


Basement moisture or water problems can reduce the value of your home, and most real estate agents will advise customers to fix their basement before offering their homes for sale. By doing so, your home value will immediately increase once it has been sealed and waterproofed.


Addressing waterproofing your basement from the exterior is highly recommended as it will tackle the problem as stop it before it gets costly. Waterproofing your home from the exterior allows you to restore the foundation to its natural state as well as allowing you to gain maximum drainage around your property by installing new weeping tile.


Exterior waterproofing is the best application of waterproofing for foundations, but also the most expensive. Exterior and foundation waterproofing is ideal while performing renovations, repair or construction of a home or commercial building. We can prevent water from entering the building through protective membranes, drain pipes, grading, and redirecting of other water lines (such as roof leaders). 

Our Exterior and Foundation Waterproofing services:

  • Exterior Foundation Membranes

  • Exterior Footing Drains

  • Exterior Surface Drainage

  • Gravity Drains

  • Driveway Drains

  • Retention Tanks

  • Redirecting Roof Water

  • Grading

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