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Issues like basement concrete cracks and sagging floors can be devastating to your home's overall value. It can also worry you about the safety of your family and make you embarrassed about the way your home looks, feels or smells. Our concrete repair system is designed to do more than just permanently repair your home's cracked concrete -- its also designed to return your structure to its original position and make your home feel new again!


Regardless of why you're experiencing a foundation problem in your home, The Basement Guy Waterproofing conducts a FREE and thorough inspection of your home to showcase what steps are needed to permanently fix your foundation and restore value to your most significant investment. We also repair work previously done incorrectly which has resurfaced and causing you hardship again, and take care of it once and for all with a lifetime guarantee! 


We offer a simple and permanent solution for your home's concrete and foundation issues. With third generation waterproofing specialist and over 60 years of combined experience and carefully designed, tested, and patented solutions...this is why we are proud of our work and back it up with 100% guarantee.

We provide following concrete repairs:


  • Uneven Floors

  • Sloping Floors

  • Sagging Floors above Crawlspaces

  • Floor Cracks

  • Street Creep

  • Interior Wall Cracks

  • Exterior Wall Cracks

  • Lowering floors

  • Crawl Space

  • Window Wells


Contact us for a free estimate and protect your most prized investment, your home!


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